USA Wrestling Board of Directors


Jay Antonelli, MD
Armed Forces Sports Council
Sam Barber, CO
UWW Junior/University
Bruce Baumgartner, PA
Jordan Burroughs, PA
Veronica Carlson, CO
AAC Chairperson
Robert Cate, NV
Chairperson of Folkstyle
James Considine, IL
Zac Dominguez, NE
Coaches Council - Development
Stanley Dziedzic, GA
Nate Engel, OR
Athlete - Greco-Roman
Dave Foxen, NY
Joan Fulp, CA
At-Large, 2nd Vice President, Women's Age Group Council
Adeline Gray, CO
Athlete - Women's Freestyle
Nicholas Heflin, OK
Athlete - Men's Freestyle
Anthony Holman, IN
Elizabeth Homrig, NC
Elliot Hopkins, IN
Herbert House, CO
Chairperson of GR Sport, 1st Vice President
Mike Juby, KS
Scott Kluever, WI
Chairperson of Junior Council
Catherine Kriebel, IN
Athlete - At-Large
Craig LaMont, UT
Chairperson, Youth Development Council
Michael Macchiavello, NC
Athlete - Men's Freestyle
Kerry McCoy, PA
Secretary, Coaches Council - Coaches, Chairperson of FS Sport
Joseph McKenna, NJ
Athlete - Men's Freestyle
Sara McMann, SC
Athlete - At-Large
Nick Mitchell, IA
Toccara Montgomery, MO
Athlete - At-Large
Hardell Moore, OK
Vice Chair of Junior Council
Michael Moyer, PA
Max Nowry, CO
Athlete - Greco-Roman
James Ravannack, LA
Past President
Don Reynolds, IL
Vice Chair of Youth Development Council
Sally Roberts, CO
Athlete - At-Large
Katherine Shai, CO
Athlete - At-Large
Iris Smith, CO
Chairperson of WM Sport
Lee Roy Smith, OK
Chairperson, Hall of Fame
John Stefanowicz, PA
Athlete - Greco-Roman
Van Stokes, TN
Treasurer, At-Large
Angie Taylor, VA
Independent Board Member
Steven Thorpe, OR
Chair of State Chair Council
Rick Tucci, FL
Officials Council Rep
Mallory Velte, CA
Athlete - Women's Freestyle, USOPC AAC Chair