USA Wrestling Ethics & Membership Committee

The Ethics Committee shall oversee implementation of and compliance with the Conflict of Interest statements and Principles of Ethical Behavior Code as prescribed by the Board of Directors. The committee reviews and investigates matters of alleged violations of the Conflict of Interest and Principles of Ethical Behavior Code and makes recommendations on such matters to the Board. The committee will review and provide guidance on ethical questions presented to it by the Board, officers, committee and task force members, volunteers, staff and the corporation’s members.

(a) A review of any alleged violation by the Ethics Committee does not bar the application of any other relevant procedures available under the By-Laws to the circumstances of the allegations (e.g. a formal grievance) provided, however, that the Ethics Committee shall avoid hearing or investigating matters that are properly the subject of a grievance covered by Articles XII, XIII and XIV, or which were the subject of an investigation or inquiry by another committee or independent body within the corporation.

(b) Members of the Committee shall include the Secretary as Chairperson; a representative selected by the Junior Olympic Wrestling Committee, active athletes per Section 6.1.8, and others selected by and from the Board of Directors, for a total of seven (7).


Veronica Carlson, CO - Athlete
Kevin Crutchmer, AR - Elected
Herbert House, CO - Elected
Kerry McCoy, CA - Secretary, Chairperson
Tim Pierson, VA
James Ravannack, LA - Elected
Patrick Smith, MN - Athlete