USA Wrestling Folkstyle Sport Committee

The Folkstyle Sport Committee shall be comprised of individuals representing the interests of developing and improving Folkstyle programs offered by the corporation. The committee, subject to policies established by the Board of Directors, shall make recommendations concerning improvements relating to tournament operations, club organization, and the conduct of events.

(a) The Chairperson will be elected by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

(b) The committee shall be populated by policies established by the Board of Directors. 


Veronica Carlson, CO - Athlete
Robert Cate, NV - Chairperson, West
Rusty Davidson, NM - Coaches Council
Wendel Donathan, OH - Central
Jay Eide, CO - At-Large
Andrew Farrar, VA - At-Large
Robert Horton, GA - Southeast
Scott Kluever, WI - Northern Plains
Jason Salley, IL - USWOC
John Stefanowicz, NC - Athlete - Greco-Roman
Mike Tuck, MO - Southern Plains