USA Wrestling Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall be responsible for the review of governance practices by the Board of Directors, committees, and councils.  The committee shall lead the search for individuals qualified to become members of the Board of Directors and committees.  Candidates should have the highest personal and professional integrity, demonstrated exceptional judgment and ability, and be able to work effectively with other members to further the long-range goals of the corporation.

(a)    Members of the Committee shall consist of the Secretary as Chairperson, a representative selected by the Junior Olympic Wrestling Committee, three (3) athletes per Subsection 7.1.8, and three (3) others as elected by the Board, for a total of eight (8).

(b)    The committee will develop and implement an appropriate orientation program for new directors and continuing education for existing directors.

(c)    The committee will review all applications for organizational membership in the corporation and all proposals for change in classification of organizational membership.

(d)    The committee shall consider and present in proper form for action all proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  It shall also review all operating rules of the corporation.

(e)    The committee shall conduct elections and make recommendations regarding candidates in association with the President and according to the provisions and limitations contained in these Bylaws.


Bruce Baumgartner, PA - Ad-Hoc
Veronica Carlson, CO - Athlete
Will Cokeley, KS - Elected
Chris Kallai, OH - Elected
Patrick Ream, MO - JOWC
Robert Smith, CA - Elected
John Stefanowicz, PA - Elected
Van Stokes, TN - Chairperson, Secretary
Peyton Walsh, NC - Athlete