USA Wrestling Women's Oversight Committee

The Women’s Oversight Committee is charged with oversight of the corporation’s women’s wrestling program on behalf of the corporation, including the corporation’s compliance with applicable provisions of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act (the “Sports Act”). In that regard, the Committee:

(a) Is empowered to receive inquiries or complaints from athletes or members concerning compliance with the Sports Act on matters with respect to which it has oversight responsibility, and to consider claims of athletes who believe that tour funding or team competition participation was wrongfully denied; provided however, that the exercise of such authority will not impede the right of a person to exercise any opportunities afforded under Articles XII or XIII of the corporation’s By-Laws, if applicable.

(b) Will determine the appropriateness of the national annual training schedule, the denomination of mandatory and non-mandatory camps, sanctions relating to failure to participate in mandatory camps, excused absences from mandatory camps, and the High Performance Plan.

(c) Will be involved in the review process of the women’s National Team coaches, through procedures to be established by the Executive Committee, in conjunction Executive Director’s evaluation of the staff of the corporation (including coaches). This will include review of documentation related to reasons for non-attendance by athletes at National Team camps and of National Team Camp evaluation forms. The Committee will report any recommendations to the corporation’s Executive Committee (or the corporation’s Board of Directors in the event the Executive Committee ceases to exist), including to report on inequities in the caliber of coaches provided to the women’s program if such inequities are believed to exist.

(d) Will be available to work with the President and Executive Director of the corporation with respect to the periodic review and assessment of the progress of the women’s coaching staff; establishment of reasonable, objectively verifiable criteria or targets for success/satisfaction of the Women’s National Team members; and the discipline, suspension or replacement of women’s National Team coaches when such criteria or targets are not met.

(e) Will review the policies of the corporation related to equitable support and encouragement for developing age groups for male and female programs, and provide recommendations in that regard directly to the corporation’s Executive Committee (or the corporation’s Board of Directors in the event the Executive Committee ceases to exist).

(f) The Oversight Committee shall consist of the Chairs of the three Sport Committees and two (2) “active athletes” as defined in the corporation’s By-Laws. The active athletes will be elected pursuant to the election procedures set forth by the corporation’s Athletes Advisory Committee, and both shall be female.

(g) The Chair of the Oversight Committee will be elected by and from the members of that Committee.


Sara Bahoura, VA - Chairperson, Athlete
Herbert House, CO - Chairperson of GR Sport
Kerry McCoy, CA - Chairperson of FS Sport
Elena Pirozhkova, NJ - Athlete
Iris Smith, CO - Chairperson of WM Sport