USA Wrestling Women's Freestyle Sport Committee

The Sport Committees shall consist of the Men’s Freestyle Sport Committee, the Greco-Roman Sport Committee, the Women’s Freestyle Sport Committee, and such other sport committees as may be determined by the Board of Directors. Each Sport Committee, subject to policies established by the Board of Directors, shall make recommendations concerning selection procedures to be used to determine national teams and coaches. Each Sport Committee will recommend selection of volunteer coaches for assignments and address short- and long-range issues for the national team program as related to each specific style.

(a)    Each Sport Committee shall have a Chairperson to be selected by the President from within each respective committee.

(b)    Each Sport Committee shall consist of the First Vice President as a member, a representative from the Junior Olympic Wrestling Committee, three (3) athletes   of the appropriate style and one (1) other athlete per Subsection 7.1.8, one (1) representative from the Coaches Council, United States Wrestling Officials Association, Senior Clubs/Regional Training Center Council, and three (3) others elected by the Board for a total of twelve (12) per Sport Committee.

(c)    No member of a Sport Committee may serve as a member of a protest committee, in the same style, for any event that is a selection or qualifying event for the Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, World Championship competition or other such protected competitions as defined in the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Bylaws from time to time.


Tela Bacher, AK - Elected
Randall Balch, TX - USWOC
Bruce Baumgartner, PA - Ad-Hoc
Kristie Davis, TX - Coaches Council
Nate Engel, OR - Elected
Adeline Gray, CO - Athlete
Helen Maroulis, MD - Athlete
Kerry McCoy, PA - 1st Vice President
Jaimie McNab, CO - Staff Liaison
Toccara Montgomery, MO - Athlete
Jonny Ruggiano, CA - Fed of Clubs
Iris Smith, CO - Chairperson, Elected
John Stefanowicz, NC - JOWC
Mallory Velte, OR - Athlete