USA Wrestling Officials Committee

The United States Wrestling Officials Association shall be the Officials Committee and shall be responsible for developing ideas, creating strategies, and making recommendations to build a strong group of officials on all levels .  It will be responsible for addressing short-term and long-term issues for the development of officials as they pertain to recruitment, education, and retention.  It will also provide oversight of the training and certification of pairing and mat officials for regional, national, and international competitions, and shall make recommendations to the Board regarding selection of officials for regional, national, and international events.

(a)    The committee shall consist of the Chairperson of the United States Wrestling Officials Association (USWOA), the USWOA Vice-Chairperson, the USWOA Secretary, three (3) members representing Pairings Officials, nine  (9) other At Large members of the USWOA, eight (8) athletes per Subsection 7.1.8, for a total of twenty-three (23).

(b)    For purposes of the Board of Director duties, the Chairperson of the USWOA shall be the voting member.

(c)    The USWOA exists as a council of USA Wrestling, as reflected on Appendix A to these Bylaws and operates in accordance with operating policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors.  The USWOA is responsible for the administrative operations involving individual officials.

(d)    The term limit for all members of the USWOA shall be four (4) consecutive two (2) year terms.


Bruce Baumgartner, PA - Ad-Hoc
Tod Blank, CA - At-Large
Casey Brennan Goessl, WI - At-Large
Chris Call, ID - Secretary
Veronica Carlson, CO - Athlete
Timothy Condit, FL - At-Large
Zachary Errett, IN - At-Large
Erin Golston, IL - Athlete
Leigh Jaynes, NJ - Athlete
LeeAnn Johnson, WA - At-Large
Jeff Jones, WI - At-Large
Sam Julian, PA - At-Large
Nicholas Kindred, CA - At-Large
Thomas Kuisle, MN - At-Large
Jerry Kuntz, OK - At-Large
Michael Macchiavello, NC - Athlete - Men's Freestyle
Joseph McKenna, NJ - Athlete - Men's Freestyle
Max Nowry, CO - Athlete
Tim Pierson, VA - Vice Chair
Brittney Roberts, OK - Athlete
Monica Schommer, CO - At-Large
Robert Smith, CA - Athlete - Greco-Roman
John Stefanowicz, PA - Athlete - Greco-Roman
James Stinson, LA - At-Large
Rick Tucci, FL - Chairperson
Nicole Tyson, OK - Athlete