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Crossword Puzzles

How to Play:

  • Review the clues for the crossword and fill in the appropriate answers on the puzzle.
  • Click the “Check Answers” button at anytime to check your work.
  • Click the “Generate New Crossword” button anytime to get a new puzzle.


  • For every puzzle completed correctly you earn 250 points.

Crossword Puzzles Leader Board

Rank Name Games Completed Score
1 Gary Abbott, CO 3 750 points
2 David Mathews, GA 1 250 points
3 Samuel Perez Sr., IN 1 250 points
4 Jonny Ruggiano, CA 1 250 points
5 Michael Mosley, VA 1 250 points
6 Chad Barfield, OK 1 250 points
7 Joe Stabilito Sr., PA 1 250 points