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Word Game

How to Play:

  • Based on the given clue, click on the letter that you believe is in the word(s).


  • For every correct letter you earn 5 points and for every missed letter you loose 2 points.
  • If you miss 6 letters you fail the word and loose 25 points.
  • For every word you guess correctly you earn 50 points.

Game Setup:

  • A game consists of 10 words.
  • A game must be completed in order to save the earned points to the leader board.
  • Must be logged in and have a primary profile to be included on the leaderboard.

Word Game Leader Board

Rank Name Games Completed Score
1 Chris McCully, PA 66 74,644 points
2 Jack Hornbuckle, AR 72 61,031 points
3 Jonny Ruggiano, CA 60 54,892 points
4 Samuel Perez Sr., IN 35 37,576 points
5 Justin Kruczkowski, OH 28 19,526 points
6 Michael Mosley, VA 17 18,796 points
7 Derek Linkhorst, PA 17 18,539 points
8 Joe Stabilito Sr., PA 20 17,404 points
9 Henry Sparks, CA 17 15,712 points
10 Randal Dusing, WI 17 15,377 points