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How do I file a claim?

Secondary sports accident insurance coverage is available to help offset costs involved with medical care of an injury which took place during a qualifying event, such as a wrestling tournament or club charter practice. Health Special Risk, Inc. is the administrator of this coverage. Benefits are provided for covered expenses incurred within a certain time after the date of the accident. Full excess means that benefits are payable for covered expenses that are in excess of other valid and collectible insurance. Members must submit claims to primary health insurance company prior to any funds being distributed. We as that members submit claims at the time of injury, or shortly thereafter. Claims can be submitted to USA Wrestling at the link below. Members will need to log into his/her membership account to access the form. If the claim is approved, it will be submitted to HSR and members will receive an email with notification of approval and further instructions for submitting billing, EOB's and other documentation.


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