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How do I file a claim?

Accident insurance coverage is available to protect insureds against accidental injury or death occurring while the policy is in force. Health Special Risk, Inc. is the administrator of this coverage. Benefits are provided for covered expenses incurred within a certain time period after the date of the accident. Full Excess means that benefits are payable for covered expenses that are in excess of other valid and collectible insurance. You must submit your claim to your personal insurance company first. When you receive their Explanation of Benefits (EOB), send it to us, along with corresponding itemized bills. We will pay benefits for eligible expenses per the terms of the policy. If your medical coverage is under an HMO, PPO or similar plan, you must follow their requirements for obtaining benefits. Otherwise, our benefits may be reduced, where applicable, as stated in the policy provisions. This restriction does not apply in every state. 


Please see the linked document for the claim form and instructions on how to file a claim.


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